2017 Formation of the Slocan Affordable Housing Advisory Commission
2018 Commission-led research on housing inventory, needs of the community, identifying stakeholders, vision, and potential housing sites.
January 2019 Potential Village-owned sites presented to Council for consideration. Several ruled out for various reasons including size limitation, location, underground infrastructure, etc.
April 2019 Site visit of Lots 1-5 and 18-20 of Block 43, determined land could potentially be suitable for housing – land is relatively flat, a power source is existing at the site, and water is easily accessible. Further investigation required to determine absolute feasibility of the land.
May 1, 2019


The Affordable Housing Commission was appointed by Village Council in 2017, to gather information and provide recommendations to Council on future housing needs in Slocan. The Commission has created this short survey on affordable housing – the information collected is for research purposes only, and submissions are anonymous.

Paper copies were available at the Village Office for those without access to the internet. Surveys were collected until May 31, 2019.


March 2020 At the May 2019 meeting, Council authorized staff to work with members of the Affordable Housing Commission on a grant application to complete a Feasibility Analysis for an affordable housing project in Slocan on Lots 1-5 and 18-20 of Block 43.

In July 2019, funded by a CBT Grant and an RDCK Community Development Grant, a service contract was signed with M’akola Development Services to complete a Feasibility Analysis. The Analysis included information on the overall vision, need, cost breakdown, project detail, and potential funding programs, and showcased several funding scenarios available to build capacity for this project to move forward.

Since then, staff and members of the Commission have been working together to compile the information for the analysis. M’akola came to Slocan in October 2019 to present the first draft analysis to Council. After hearing the presentation, Council had the opportunity to comment and ask questions. On February 10th, 2020 Council received the final draft analysis and invited M’akola to present the final draft at a meeting on March 9th. The analysis included information on the overall vision, need, detailed site analysis, breakdown of project costs including capital budget, potential funding programs, and project details. Makola’s intention was to showcase the funding available for the project, and to build capacity for this project to move forward with pursuing public funding. In addition to the analysis, Makola prepared a draft seed funding application with CMHC to pursue preliminary funding to move the project forward.

Council further directed staff to begin preparations for the re-zoning of Lots 1-5 and 18-20 of Block 43 from R1: Residential to R3: Multi-Family Residential.

At the regular meeting of March 9, 2020 Council approved submission of the CMHC seed funding application for affordable housing pre-development costs.

April 2020 The Village received confirmation that the CMHC funding application was approved, awarding the Village $29,000.
$13,000 – No repayment required.
$16,000 – Repayment Required.
·         The Village will not be required to pay interest on this loan amount until the “Maturity Date”. The Maturity Date shall be the earlier of: (a) the date on which the Village receives project financing to advance the project; or (b) the 3rd year anniversary of the effective date of the Agreement; or (c) the date on which the Village notifies CMHC that the project has been discontinued; or (d) the date of a Notice of Termination by either party.
·         Interest on the repayment amount will commence on the 30th day following the Maturity Date, at a rate per annum equal to Canada Prime Rate plus 2%, and calculated semi-annually and not in advance. CMHC, in its sole discretion, may decide to waive the interest (or any part thereof) following the Maturity Date, where the Borrower is in good standing under this Agreement.
·         If and when the Village is in receipt of Project Financing, the Village shall instruct the lender to directly disburse to CMHC the entirety of the Repayment Amount in the first advance under the Project Financing, unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties.
April 2020 A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued, to hire an architectural firm to complete a schematic design for the project. Five proposals were received.
June 2020 Cover Architecture, based out of Nelson BC, was successfully hired to complete the pre-development and conceptual design work for this project, total contract value $15,381 (plus taxes and travel).
July 2020 Council passed official resolution to support the rezone and lane closure. First and second readings to the bylaws (Zoning/OCP/Lane Closure) were carried, and a Public Hearing was scheduled for August 10th, 2020:
“WHEREAS Slocan Village Council wishes to utilize Village-owned land for the purpose of constructing an affordable housing complex within the Village of Slocan, and has deemed Village-owned lots 1-5 and 18-20 of Block 43, in the Village of Slocan, to be most appropriate for constructing an affordable housing complex;
AND WHEREAS Council supports the re-designation of Village-owned property, Lots 1-5 and 18-20, Block 43, Plan 496, District Lot 292, Kootenay Land District, in the Village of Slocan, as contained in the Village Zoning and OCP Bylaws, from C1: Highway Commercial (Lots 1-5) and R-1: Residential Zone (Lots 18-20) to R3: Multi-Family Residential Zone;
AND WHEREAS Council supports, in principle, the closure of a portion of Village laneway within Block 43;
AND WHEREAS it is agreed by Council that the re-designation, laneway closure, and construction of an affordable housing complex is subject to public consultation, provincial approval, and funding;
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Council introduce and give first and second readings to the Village of Slocan Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. ___, 2020’
AND THAT Council introduce and give first and second readings to the Village of Slocan Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. ____, 2020;
July 2020 Makola contract signed to carry out consulting services throughout the duration of the housing project, pending successful funding.
August 10, 2020 Public Hearing
August 10, 2020 Regular Meeting – resolution to table 3rd readings of the Slocan Zoning Amendment Bylaw, Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw, and Road Closure & Dedication Removal Bylaw.
Sept 14, 2020 Regular Meeting – Housing petition received from Springer/Slocan Street resident group. Resolution to send letter to petition representative advising that the Village will host a public meeting on the Housing Project to present draft plans, and to provide an opportunity for questions and comments. Council further tabled third readings until such time council is prepared to do so.
November 30, 2020 A special meeting was held to hear from the Springer/Slocan Street residents and answer questions about the project.

Staff provided a presentation on the project, capturing the Village’s Housing efforts from 2017 to date.

Click here to view the presentation.

January 12, 2021

Special Meeting – JANUARY 12, 2021

Click the link below to join the meeting:

Or dial in by telephone:
Access Code 322-545-565

  • Cover Architecture will be in attendance to present the draft 8-unit plan.
  • M’akola Development Services will be in attendance to speak to the administrative aspects of the project.
  • Public participation period will be held after the presentations.


*Click here to view a PDF copy of the presentation

April 15, 2021


At the January 13, 2021 meeting, council passed a resolution to direct staff to prepare an information package on the Affordable Housing Project, and a Public Opinion Survey, to better gauge the support of the community.

A survey and information package was mailed out to all Slocan PO Boxes on March 5, 2021. Residents were provided a paper copy survey, as well as an electronic survey link if they chose to complete the survey online. The survey was set up to eliminate any duplicate entries.

As noted on the survey, the public have been made aware that this was an informal public opinion survey and was in no way a vote, referendum, or alternate approval process. It was not mandatory, nor regulated by any level of government or legislation. The respondent’s personal information would not be shared publicly, in accordance to the Freedom of Information & Privacy Protection Act, and survey results reported out would be generalized.

The survey closed on March 31. The Village received 134 responses.