For a complete list of certified fees and charges, please refer to the Village of Slocan Fees & Charges Bylaw #584 .

Cheque Returned as “Insufficient Funds” (NSF) $25.00
Property Tax Certificates $15.00
Photocopies – Black & White
Photocopies – Black & White
Photocopies – Black & WhitePhotocopies – Color
Photocopies – Color
Photocopies – Color
Photocopies – Cardstock (B&W or Color)
$0.25/Page – Letter Size
$0.30/Page – Legal Size
$0.35/Page – Ledger Size$0.50/Page – Letter Size
$0.55/Page – Legal Size
$0.60/Page – Ledger Size
Faxes/Scans – Per Page $0.25
Laminating Business Card Size  $1.50
Full Page  $3.00
Copy of the Current Zoning / Land Use Bylaw $15.00
Search of Village Records
(In Excess of 15 Minutes)
 Hourly Loaded Staff Member Rate
Copies of Documents Available
for Public Inspection
$0.25/Page – Letter Size
$0.30/Page – Legal Size
Equipment Rental with Operator Rate as prescribed by the Village plus loaded operator hourly costs
Scaffold Set Rental $15.00/week + GST
Scaffold Plank Rental $15.00/week + GST
Scaffold Wheel Assembly Rental $20.00 per set + GST
Scaffold Levelers $5.00/ea per week + GST